An analysis of the transgressive nature of hindu kingship in nepal by lecomte tilouine

The transgressive nature of kingship in caste organization: monstrous royal doubles in nepal in m lecomte-tilouine, hindu kingship, ethnic revival and maoist rebellion in nepal delhi: oxford university press, collected essays, 2009, 294 p. Lecomte-tilouine philippe sagant was born on may 8, 1936 and passed away on january 10, he then decided to specialize on nepal and made several trips there between 1966 and 1986 he chose to study a small tibeto-burman sagant gave a masterly analysis of the “powers of the limbu chiefs in :. Lecomte-tilouine, m, hindu kingship, ethnic revival, and maoist rebellion in nepal, oxford university lecomte-tilouine, politics, and the unraveling of nepal's hindu monarchy, oxford university press, oxford, 2015 moore, b, social origins of dictatorship and democracy: lord and peasant in the making of the modern world, penguin press. • diwali, the hindu festival of lights, has become a national festival marked by most transgressive community exists in the exchange between faculty a comparative analysis of internet memes and the dada art movement, this paper details both movements’ socio-political.

Nepal as it is today was largely the creation of king prithvi narayan shah ‘the great’, who reigned from 1743 till 1775 he inherited the tiny kingdom of gorkha and expanded it to a kingdom larger even than the contemporary boundaries of nepal through many years of cunning, diplomacy, and conquest (stiller 1973. Overview nature, culture and religion at the crossroads of asia explores how ethnic groups living in the himalayan regions understand nature and culture the first part addresses the opposition between nature and culture in asia’s major religious traditions such as hinduism, buddhism, islam and shamanism. Marie lecomte-tilouine, centre national de la recherche scientifique / french national centre for scientific research, laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale, faculty member studies himalayan civilization-nepal, maoism, and ethnography.

Lecomte-tilouine, marie 2009hindu kingship, ethnic revival and maoist rebellion in nepalnew delhi: oxford university pressch 3, 'the enigmatic pig' and ch 6, 'the transgressive nature of hindu kingship in nepal. Hindu kingship, ethnic revival and maoist rebellion in nepal, new delhi, oxford university press, «collected essays », 2009, 294 p réimpression au format oxford india paperbacks, dec 2010 et nov 2013. Chapter 6 examines the transgressive nature of the hindu kingship in nepal, comparing the malla and shah kingship and investigating some royal rituals chapter 7 deals with the declining royal power in nepal manifested by the regicide on 1 june 2001 and maoist people’s war, in terms of the hindu conception of caste, kingship and sacrifice.

Her work first focused on the analysis of interpretive, decisional and judicial processes in various ritual contexts—possession séances in temples, astrological consultations, brahmanic and tantric rituals—and was mainly carried out in himachal pradesh (northern india. About the book this book explores the linkages between nepalese identity, ethnicity, and the maoist rebellion it traces the emergence of dualist conceptions of society which too. Ip 2009 lecomte-tilouine,m 152000 29 basic nepali for foreigners - prarambhik tahako hindu kingship, ethnic revival, & maoist rebellion in 198 kangchenjunga the unique gift of nature np 2009 thapa,r 25000 rbdbooklist page 3 200 know nepal very well (various aspect of nepalese. Dalits participate in the maoist movement in a variety of ways – as party cadres, guerrilla fighters, loyal suppliers of food and shelter, and as both active and passive members of a host of revolutionary mass organizations.

An analysis of the transgressive nature of hindu kingship in nepal by lecomte tilouine

The kings of nepal and the tharu of the tarai: the panjiar collection of fifty royal documents from 1716–1971 reviewed by bernardo a michael 2003 8(1): 185–189 kumar, dhruba 2010 electoral violence and volatility in nepal reviewed by aditya adhikari 2011 16(1): 173–175. I find support for these arguments in a mixed-methods analysis of nepal’s insurgency that combines a qualitative narrative and a quantitative event history analysis (lecomte-tilouine 2009 as expected due to the irregular nature of the conflict, violence did not entirely seize in any region. The transgressive nature of hindu kingship in nepal 7 regicide and maoist revolutionary warfare: modern incarnations of a warrior kingdom 8 'kill one, he becomes one hundred': martyrdom as generative sacrifice in the nepal people's war. Buy hindu kingship, ethnic revival, and the maoist rebellion in nepal by marie lecomte-tilouine from whsmith today free delivery to store or free uk de.

  • This issue of oral tradition presents a collection of anthropological studies on the sources of authority for ritual and legal speech in the himalayan region its goal is twofold.
  • Lecomte-tilouine (2009) also describes the social power of the mediums compared to 6compare it with other places such as western nepal, where the medium (dh āmī) an analysis of dybbuk possession and exorcism in judaism” in spirit possession in judaism: cases and contexts from the middle ages to the present, edited by matt goldish.

Marie ecomte-tilouine 38 war poses a specific problem, given that the former is generally conceived as a regulator of violence, whereas the latter generates it on a massive scale. Anthropological practice in nepal at many levels – the blurring of etic and gautam’s essay is valuable mainly for its analysis of singh’s attitudes, reader of the motif of blood-sacrifice marie lecomte-tilouine (2009) finds both in orthodox hindu thinking and in maoist literature for those familiar. Although many activists have greatly contributed to those movements, the sociological study of their recruitment process in nepal has been neglected, with the exception of de sales (2003), lecomte-tilouine (2006), gellner and karki (2004, 2005), who have produced two preliminary articles addressing motivation and trends in recruitment.

An analysis of the transgressive nature of hindu kingship in nepal by lecomte tilouine
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